News Release
23 October 2002


The Bank of Jamaica wishes to advise that an upgraded version of the J$500 bank note will be released into general circulation on Monday, 28 October 2002

The bank note incorporates additional security features designed to further enhance protection against possible counterfeit. These features also bring the $500 note in line with the other denominations ($1 000, $100 and $50). 

The overall design and colour of the bank note have not changed. The portrait of National Heroine, Nanny of the Maroons has been retained on the front of the note and the view of historic Port Royal on the back. 

The upgraded $500 bank note has TWO new features: 

·        the new design watermark of a swallow-tailed humming bird (doctor bird) together with a flower motif which replaces the traditional pineapple watermark, and  

·        a wider ‘windowed’ text security thread, on which is printed ‘BOJ 500’. This appears as silver dashes on the front and glows blue/gold under ultra-violet light. 

The new note is dated 15.01.2002 and bears the signature of the Governor of the Bank of Jamaica, the Hon. Derick Latibeaudiere.  

The old design $500 notes will remain legal tender and will circulate alongside the new notes until withdrawn. The new notes will be available at the Bank of Jamaica and at all commercial banks on 28 October 2002.

Bank of Jamaica