A series of pamphlets on topics relating to the policies, responsibilities and operations of the Bank have been published. These pamphlets are designed to benefit a wide cross section of users such as students, journalists, investors and interested agencies. The series will be expanded on an on-going basis as the Bank attempts to publish some of its technical material in a form that is concise and relatively simple to read and understand. These publications also seek to address information that is frequently requested from the Bank.

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BFXITT Foreign Exchange Intervention & Trading Tool (322.00 KB)
International Monetary Fund: F A Qs (1579.49 KB)
Monetary Policy Management In Jamaica (155.95 KB)
Your Guide To The Jamaican Consumer Price Index (741.71 KB)
The Measurement Of Money Supply (379.34 KB)
Essential Facts About Inflation (144.64 KB)
How The Foreign Exchange Market Works (118.99 KB)
Role And Functions Of The Bank Of Jamaica (55.62 KB)
Balance Of Payments Made Simple (45.46 KB)
The Caribbean Single Market And Economy (2514.29 KB)
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