Monetary Policy Report

The Bank of Jamaica publishes its Monetary Policy Report on a quarterly basis.

The main objectives of this Monetary Policy Report are:
To review the conduct of monetary policy and the main factors that influenced inflation during the quarter.
To provide an outlook for the economy and the changing context for monetary policy.
To discuss how the Bank proposes to achieve its targets and the risks associated with the achievement of the target. The developments in the review quarter are set against policy targets for the fiscal year, which runs from April to March.

The QMPR also features interesting areas of research, which are included as Boxes in the report

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After the preparation of the Quarterly Monetary Policy Report, the Governor of the Bank of Jamaica makes a statement to the Press. Each monetary policy statement sets out:

To inform and explain to the general public, the Bank of Jamaica's view of recent and expected inflation trends and their consequences for the conduct of monetary policy.
To publicly explain the medium-term framework used to formulate monetary policy
To provide useful information in the formulation of economic agents' expectations regarding future inflation and output trends.
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