Authorized Electronic Retail Payment Service Providers

In order to facilitate the structured introduction of additional electronic retail payment systems and by extension enhancing financial inclusion, the Bank of Jamaica (Bank) on 1 February 2013, published on its website, the Guidelines for Electronic Retail Payment Services (Guidelines). These Guidelines were revised and published on the Bank’s website on 1 November 2018, in recognition of changes and developments in the financial services sector and particularly in the retail payment services sector. The 2019 Guidelines for Electronic Retail Payment Services (ERPS 2), will take effect on 1 February 2019

The purpose of ERPS 2, is to support the continued effort of the Bank to foster the design, development and implementation of electronic retail payment systems, which take advantage of available technology, to provide more efficient payment services in a safe, secure and competitive environment. The ultimate objective is to ensure that consumers are provided with a range of payment services and instruments to satisfy current and projected demands.

ERPS 2 provides the operating parameters that must be satisfied by providers who intend to offer electronic retail payment services in Jamaica.

The following table provides the current listing issuers that have been granted authorization by Bank of Jamaica to engage in electronic retail payment services, the product name and authorized services:

Issuer Product Name Authorized Services
Alliance Payment Services Limited ePay
  1. Student Card Operations; and
  2. ePay card funded by a company or individual
National Commercial Bank NCB Quisk Mobile Money
  1. Cash-in/Add Money at NCB Branches;
  2. Cash-Out;
  3. Person to Person funds transfer;
  4. Payment for good and services at POS;
  5. View transactions via online web portal; and
  6. Account balance inquiry via SMS
Sagicor Bank Jamaica Limited Sagicor MyCash
  1. Client self-registration
  2. Send and receive money between GPR Card/MasterCard cardholders
  3. Initiate Cash Withdrawal
  4. Balance enquiry

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