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Below is a list of currently open Requests for Proposals.
Documents are listed in chronological order, from earliest closing date to the latest.

  RFP Number Title Closing Date Opening Time
2020-41-04-01Supply Of Extreme Network Equipment14 Jul 2020 10:0010:10 AM
2020-11-01-03Renovation Of Third Floor Offices16 Jul 2020 10:007:00 PM
  Bill Of Quantities  
  Response To Query No. 1  
2020-12-01-04Consultancy Services - Assessment Of Electrical Systems24 Jul 2020 10:0010:10 AM
  Response To Query No. 1  
  Amendment No. 1  
  Drawing - Single Line Diagram  
2020-14-01-03Provision Of Contract Security Services27 Jul 2020 10:0010:10 AM
2020-12-01-05Supply & Installation Of Public Announcement Paging IP System27 Jul 2020 10:0010:10 AM
2020-12-01-02Supply And Installation Of Distribution Panels, Transformers And Circuit Breakers28 Jul 2020 10:0010:10 AM
2020-12-01-03Supply And Installation Of Power Monitoring Control And Communication Equipment30 Jul 2020 10:0010:10 AM
  Responses To Queries No. 1  
  Amendment No. 1 Extension Of Tender Closing Date   
  Responses To Queries No. 2  
2020-11-01-08Renovation Of External Areas - Pension Fund Building31 Jul 2020 10:0010:10 AM
  Drawing # 2  
  Drawing # 3  
  Drawing # 4  
  Drawing # 5  
  Drawing # 6  

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